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7 Tips For Using high-intensity led's

High-Intensity LEDs are not plug-and-play lighting systems. Higher CO2 and nutrient concentrations and re-pheno hunting are some of the considerations cannabis cultivators must take to ensure success. Tune into the Cultivators Masterclass as FŌHSE's horticulture team shares 7 tips for using high-intensity LEDs.

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Cannabis is Primitiv w/ Calvin Johnson Jr. & Rob Sims

Former Detroit Lions Calvin Johnson and Rob Sims stopped by FOHSE headquarters to speak with Londo Masterman and Leo Wilson about how they've built the Primitiv brand over the last five years. They speak to the implementation of FOHSE fixtures in their flower room, company culture andbeing advocates who actively work toward the de-stigmatization of cannabis among athletes


6 Post-Harvest Care | What to Consider

Have you ever seen a beautiful cannabis crop in the grow, but the processed flower doesn’t look, smell, or feel like it did before harvest? Maybe it is a shaved version of what it looked like on the plant or the final nug sizes vary drastically. Or, you grab your go-to flower at the dispensary and it’s usual pungent smell is less than impressive this time around. This is a clue that the cultivation facility’s post-harvest processes can be dialed in for a better final product.


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Grow More with FOHSE

A3i indoor, flowering + Veg
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Our flagship model - the A3i - is the most powerful and efficient grow light for cannabis plants in the world with a balanced spectrum. Join the growing community of record-setting cultivators, and order your A3i system today, the best professional led grow lights in the market.

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Scorpio indoor + vertical, flowering + Veg
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Built with the same secrets behind the most powerful and efficient grow light for cannabis plants in the world (our A3i model). The Scorpio is a versatile, multi-spectrum fixture used in both single-tier and vertical environments.

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Aries homegrow, flowering + Veg
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The demand among the home grow community for Fohse fixtures has been tremendous. We're pleased to offer a powerful and efficient solution to all those who grow on their own. For homeowners, the Aries by Fohse is the best LED grow light.

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F1V INDOOR + vertical, flowering + Veg
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It's about

Striking a balance

The F1V is our most versatile and affordable fixture class. With multiple wattage configurations, as well as vegetative or flower spectrum options, hundreds of thousands of F1V fixtures have been successfully deployed in single tier and vertical environments around the world. Shop for versatile grow lights for cannabis plants with the F1V by Fohse.

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O6i 1:1 HID replacement, flowering + Veg
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We initially engineered the O6i as a 1:1 HPS replacement for greenhouse applications, and then our clients showed us the true capability of this innovative design. Whether you cultivate in a greenhouse or indoor environment, the O6i will outperform any standard HPS system.

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Pleiades greenhouse, Flowering + Veg
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The ideal supplemental greenhouse LED grow lights for cannabis plants should be just that - supplemental. We designed the Pleiades with a slim profile for seamles installation along the existing truss infrastructure of your greenhouse. The seamless integration in these grow lights for cannabis plants casts no additional shadows. Additionally, the accompanying Light Harvesting system senses fluctuations in natural light and makes adjustments in realtime to your entire fixture grid. No wasted overages. No under illumination. Just precision. Find the best LED grow lights with the Pleiades by Fohse.

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Our Commitment

When you buy Fohse you're not just buying a fixture, you're buying a team and a partnership. In a sector so wrapped up in a pricing race to the bottom, Fohse is at the top of the game providing unparalleled value to all our clients well after the purchase is through: deep industry connections, media spotlights, cultivation consultations, and more. That's our commitment.

About Us

Thousands of diodes

Working in harmony

Lighting is the first and most crucial decision for any controlled environment. All other environment design decisions are chosen based on the type of lighting you select. Be confident in your decision. Know that the light planning experts at Fohse have modeled your ideal layout in our complex calculation software.

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The strongest
grow lights in the world.


Fohse fixtures are built to last. Industry-leading durability ratings give you peace of mind that your fixtures can withstand the hazards of any grow environment. Plus, every fixture is rated to provide ample photons for well over a quarter century of practical daily use. With Fohse, you get the most efficient and the best professional led grow lights in the market.


The efficiency of a lighting grid goes much deeper than its efficacy rating at full power. LEDs operate at peak efficiency at lower power levels. Unlike under-powered fixtures, Fohse fixtures are engineered to be gradually ramped up over the course of your grow cycle. The net effect is the most efficient use of energy the entire duration of your grow cycles. We fabricate the best LED grow lights available today.


We make the most powerful fixtures in every wattage class. Custom lensing drastically reduces wasted light by directing all that power where it matters most. Coupled together, these features eliminate the neverending labor costs of 'chasing canopy' associated with keeping under-powered fixtures 6-inches above your ever-growing canopy.

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