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PPE-minimum PPE: “photosynthetic photon efficacy” — describes how well a luminaire converts electricity to PAR. 2.8 μmol/J
PPE-maximum 2.99 μmol/J

It’s about striking a balance

Cultivating dense canopies in a commercial-scale, vertical environment presents an interesting lighting challenge. HID lamps have the power, but excessive heat rules them out. Early-generation LED fixtures alleviate the heat issue, but fall short on photon delivery. Right in the sweet spot is where we designed the F1V luminaire. Plenty of power. No thermal excess.
Passively cooled
Thermally-conductive aircraft grade aluminum
15,000 in2 Heat-dissipating surface area

Thermodynamically balanced

The F1V form factor is a dual-purpose design. It utilizes passive cooling to keep the diodes operating at peak efficiency. It also disperses heat so efficiently that you’ll be able to bring your ambient room temperatures up, driving critical RuBisCO reactions closer to their full potential for more growth.
F1V 600W
F1V 1000W
PPF PPF: “photosynthetic photon flux”— a measurement of the total amount of PAR emitted by a grow lamp every second. 1,845 μmol/s
2,800 μmol/s

Precision photon density

Uniform photon density is key to predictable crop schedules. Tell us your room dimensions and desired PPFD and we’ll create your custom layout using complex modeling software. When we’re finished you’ll be growing in an environment with uniform PPFD levels. No hot spots. No cool spots. Just precision.
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