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POWER 1200 Watts
PPE PPE: “photosynthetic photon efficacy” — describes how well a luminaire converts electricity to PAR. 2.5 - 2.6 μmol/J

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Effective greenhouse lighting is all about maintaining a balance between DLI DLI: “daily light integral” — a measurement describing the number of photosynthetically active photons that are delivered to a specific area over a 24-hour period. and electricity costs. The O6i uses the latest advancements in LED tech to enable you to maintain peak DLI far more affordably than HID ever could.
Variable speed fans
175,000-hour lifetime IP68 rated Variable speed: Fans will run only as needed at a speed appropriate for the amount of cooling required.
Thermally-conductive aircraft grade aluminum
16,416in2 Heat-dissipating surface area

Cool diodes are efficient diodes.

That’s our secret to packing so much power into each footprint. Aircraft-grade aluminum heat sinks and two hyper-efficient variable speed fans keep the O6i’s LEDs operating at peak efficiency.
PPF PPF: “photosynthetic photon flux”— a measurement of the total amount of PAR emitted by a grow lamp every second. 3,000 μmol/s

Compact size. Significant output.

Central to your crop’s success is the idea that greater photon density leads to more carbon assimilation, which means more biomass. The O6i packs more photons into each footprint with a spectral distribution ideal for growing thick, lush canopies.
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