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The Best Grow Lights for Cannabis: The O6i by Fohse

The O6i re-imagines greenhouse illumination. It presents high-quality and powerful greenhouse grow lights in a compact size. With an IP65 rating, the O6i can effectively sustain the humidity inside any grow tent.
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Compact Size. Significant Output.

Central to your crop’s success is the idea that greater photon density leads to more carbon assimilation, which means more biomass for a successful crop. The O6i packs more photons into each footprint than any other greenhouse light on the market. It is paired with a spectral distribution ideal for complimenting natural sunlight.
PPF: 3,168 μmol/s (Options up to)
Greenhouse Toplighting Methods

Not every greenhouse is created equal, which is why we’ve developed two distinct models for greenhouse illumination. The O6i model gives the maximum amount of supplemental light, casts the widest footprint, and uses fewer fixtures.

By contrast, our Pleiades model is lower powered with a slim profile designed to line the trusses of your greenhouse. It is best-suited for greenhouses and hoophouses where uniformity and efficacy are the priorities.

At Fohse, we design and build the best grow lights for cannabis on the market for any grow space. Whichever your preference, our team will help you make the right decision.

Precision Photon Density

O6i is designed to make switching from HPS to LED as easy as possible without overhauling electrical or truss infrastructure. It offers 50% greater output than a 1000W DE HPS. These energy-efficient greenhouse grow lights also provide 42% greater efficacy. No infrared spike generating unnecessary heat.
PPE: 2.643-2.640 μmol/J (Depeding on configuration)
View: PPFD Maps (Actual & Simulated)

Precision Light Planning

We have toured close to a thousand cultivation facilities around the world. This has taught us that every environment is unique with its own special requirements. When you work with Fohse, our partnership kicks off with a thorough review of your grow room plans and your goals.

Our light planning team heads into our simulation software to develop a 100% custom configuration. This configuration is tailor-fit to the unique needs of your operation. We can even take it a step further. We can predict your cost of cooling, electricity, and how much you'll save by owning an O6i system over time.

At Fohse, we put you first during every stage of growth. Our O6i is the proof we are dedicated to building efficient LED lights to grow plants that meet our clients needs.

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Automated Light Response

An O6i system is bundled with 'Light Harvesting' sensors that measure the natural light in your greenhouse. It doesn’t matter if it’s exposed to cloud cover or seasonal daylight fluctuations. The O6i are the greenhouse grow lights that adjust to any amount of light.

Light Harvesting allows for self-adjustment in increments as little as 1% in real time based on the ever-changing light conditions in your greenhouse. This makes it one of the most flexible and better performing LED lights to grow plants.
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DLI Planning

In greenhouse environments your primary light source is an ever changing variable. As a result, meeting your light intensity and consistency needs comes down to proper Daily Light Integral (DLI) planning from the start.

Say you want to maintain a PPFD of 1,000 μmol/m2s throughtout the year and you’re running a 12-hour photoperiod. Here’s the math to convert that to DLI:

1,000 μmol/m2s × 60 s/min × 60 min/hr × 12 hr/day = 43.2 mol/m2day
1,000,000 μmol/mol

For the Northen Hemisphere the lowest DLI month would be December. This information is important for determining how much supplemental light you need to plan for. Consequently you can maintain your target PPFD & DLI during the dimmest month of the year. Use the DLI Map pop-out in this section to estimate your region’s DLI in any month.


Subtract your minimum naturally provided DLI from your maximum target DLI to get your supplemental DLI need.As an example, the minimum naturally provided DLI in California during December would be 15 mol/m2day. If your maximum target DLI is 43.2 mol/m2day then your maximum supplemental DLI would be 27.8 mol/m2day.


The average PPFD target your supplemental light plan should achieve can be calculated by reversing the equation in Step 1. In the case of our example, 27.8 mol/m2day would come out to a PPFD of 643 μmol/m2s.

The Last Fixture Purchase You'll Make

It’s no secret that LEDs last significantly longer than legacy HID systems. In an O6i greenhouse with Light Harvesting technology the effect of this truth is compounded considerably. By running the fixtures only when and as much as needed, the lifespan of your O6i system is generational.
With the O6i you get long-lasting and cost-saving greenhouse grow lights that don’t require constant maintenance. Enjoy the best grow lights for cannabis without constant upgrading with the O6i. Buy right. Buy once.
L90: 55,000 hours (Based on diode manufacturer specs)
L70: 110,000 hours (Based on diode manufacturer specs)

Bulbs Die Suddenly.
LEDs slowly fade.

Our L90 and L70 figures come straight from the data sheets and stress-testing provided by our diode manufacturers. Predicting the PPF degradation of your O6i luminaires is as simple as dividing the L-figures by the number of hours of daily use. If you were to run your O6i fixtures at full power for 12 hours a day you can reasonably expect its PPF to reduce by 30% over the course of 25 years. But this is only part of the picture. In practical use, you’ll rarely (if ever) run your O6i system at full power. With the O6i you get the best grow lights for cannabis on the market the first time around. When we say “Buy right, Buy once” we truly mean once.

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Cool Diodes are Efficient Diodes.

That’s our secret to packing so much power into each footprint with the O6i. LED lights to grow plants. Aircraft-grade aluminum heat sinks and two hyper-efficient variable speed fans keep the O6i’s LEDs operating at peak efficiency. Add to that the lack of IR spike rampant in HID systems, and you have a greenhouse where heat can be an ally.
Passively & Actively cooled
Thermally-conductive aircraft grade aluminum
High-efficiency variable speed fans
16,416 in2 (Heat-dissipating surface area)

Make a Friend
Out of Heat

Unlike obsolete plasma grow lights the O6i has no massive 'infrared spike' hidden on the far ends of its spectrum. This means drastically less heat is radiating down on your canopy.

Less AC Less AC

The IR spike will not be cooking your upper canopy. This means you'll need far less cooling to compensate in order to keep your LSTs in an optimal range.

Less AC Even Warmth

A reduction in radiative heat and chilled air compensation makes for a much more even LST temperature throughout your upper to lower canopy.

Less AC More Bud Growth

An even canopy LST temperature promotes more RuBisCO reactions down your canopy, leading to more instra-canopy bud development.

Less AC More Cannabinoids

Cannabinoids are heat-sensitive. No more destructive IR spike means more cannabinoids make it to harvest.

Less AC More Terpenes

Terpenes are also heat-sensitive compounds and degrade at higher temperatures. The O6i is the LED light to grow plants that lets you enjoy some of your best terp profiles ever with the O6i!

Less AC Higher Harvest Quality

More cannabinoids and better terpene profiles means you'll enjoy some of your best harvests yet with the O6i.

Made for Damp Environments

Any controlled cultivation environment is susceptible to the rigors of fluctuating humidity. That humidity can be a serious risk to sensitive electronics. This is especially true in greenhouses where humidity can turn into condensation and condensation into drips. We built the O6i to achieve an IP65 rating, which means drips will never be a problem. In fact, with an IP65 rating you can hose your fixtures down post-harvest without ever taking them down. The O6i are the best grow lights for cannabis for a reason, they are a real time saver.
That’s a real time saver.
Ingress Protection Rating: IP65


Ingress Protection testing really puts our fixtures through the ringer. We test out sandblasting, water spray, pressure washing, submersion, and more. Rest assured your O6i is well-protected from the hazards of your grow environment.

Solid intrusion protection

Impervious to small particulates 6/6

Liquid intrusion protection

Can withstand 1 meter submersion for 30 minutes 5/8
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Easily Integrate With Your Environment

With the O6i design, we wanted to make the transition to LED grow lights as seamless as possible for greenhouses that currently use HID systems. True to its position as one of the best grow lights for cannabis, the O6i is simple. You only need to plug it in, and it’s ready to achieve unmatched results.
Sunset, sunrise, and manual dimming
Network control for one-touch adjustments
Light Harvesting for Automated Response
Custom integration options available

Seeing Is Believing.

Other light brands boast about being the best. We won’t just tell you we’re the best.
We’ll prove it. Better yet, we’ll let our customers do the talking.
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