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The F1V by Fohse

420W, 600W, 800W, 1000W Industrial LED Grow Lights

Designed to master cultivation in vertical environments of all sizes.

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It's About Striking a Balance

Plenty of power.
No thermal excess.
Never again move your lights to 'chase canopy'.
PPF: 1,500 μmol/s (Options up to)
PPE: 2.48 - 2.50 μmol/J (Options up to)
The Challenge of Vertical Lighting

Cultivating dense canopies in a commercial-scale, vertical environment presents an interesting lighting challenge. HID lamps have the power, but their excessive heat rules them out for close-to-canopy growing. Early-generation LED fixtures alleviate the heat issue, but fall short on photon delivery. Right in the sweet spot is where we designed the F1V luminaire. With the extra power, your control over the light levels is accomplished digitally via a touchscreen controller. Never again manually raise/lower your fixtures to ‘chase the canopy’. That’s a relief.

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Precision Photon Density

Uniform photon density is key to predictable crop performance. When we're finished planning, simulating, installing, and calibrating your F1V system, you'll be growing under uniform light levels. No hot spots. No cool spots. Just precision.
View: PPFD Maps (Actual & Simulated)
Polycarbonate Lenses 120° (Options up to)
Precision Light Planning

If there's one thing we've learned touring close to a thousand cultivation facilities around the world, it's that every environment is unique with its own special requirements. When you work with Fohse, our partnership kicks off with a thourough review of your grow room plans and your goals. Our light planning team heads into our simulation software to develop a 100% custom configuration tailor-fit to the unique needs of your operation. We can even take it a step further and predict your cost of cooling, cost of electricity, and how much you'll save owing an F1V system over time.

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Multiple Configurations

Every F1V is custom made to order, which means we build them to suit the specific parameters of your cultivation environment. The F1V 420W and 600W models are typically suited for vegetative growth, while the F1V 800W and 1000W models perform best in flowering environments.
How Fohse Verifies Levels

In the interest of full transparency, we are keenly aware of the discrepancy between the performance figures many of our competitors report and what is actually observed in practice. That's a problem for everyone. So, full disclosure, here's how Fohse works:


During the design phase, our engineering team is constantly running calculations to predict the performance of our fixtures. Power consumption, efficacy, BTU load, etc - everything is on the table.


Next, during the prototyping phase our engineering and manufacturing teams work together to bring the design to life. This includes using onsite instrumentation like a spectrophoto-colorimeter with integrating sphere to verify all the calculated performance figures.


Third, during the manufacturing phase we ensure our production lines and processes maintain the consistency of the final prototype design. This includes spot checking along the way, as well as bringing in third party quality control to inspect every fixture we produce before shipping to thecustomer.


Lastly, we send each fixture model off to Underwriters Laboratories or Edison Testing Laboratories for 3rd party verification of every claim we make on our fixture spec sheets. Output, power consumption, Ingress Protection, etc. - this crucial step is how we earn your trust in a sea of disinformation.

An Investment That Endures

While low cost HID systems like ceramic metal halide or high-pressure sodium systems are attractive, dig a layer deeper into the accumulating costs of perpetual bulb maintenance and the ugly truth becomes readily apparent. Eliminate ongoing and perpetual maintenance costs entirely with the F1V.
Buy right. Buy once.
L90: 46,000 hours (Based on diode manufacturer specs)
L70: 110,000 hours (Based on diode manufacturer specs)
Bulbs Die Suddenly.
LEDs slowly fade.

Our L90 and L70 figures come straight from the data sheets and stress-testing provided by our diode manufacturers. Predicting the PPF degradation of your F1V luminaires is as simple as dividing the L90 or L70 figures by the number of hours of daily use. Take the F1V 1000W as an example: if you run the fixture at full power for 12 hours a day, you can reasonably expect its PPF to reduce by 30% over the course of 25 years. Keep in mind this L70 estimation will likely extend even further since you’ll only run your fixtures at full power near the end of a growth phase. When we say “Buy right, Buy once” we truly mean once.

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Thermodynamically Balanced

The F1V form factor is a dual-purpose design. It utilizes passive cooling to keep the diodes operating at peak efficiency. It also disperses heat so efficiently that you’ll be able to bring your ambient room temperatures up, driving critical RuBisCO reactions closer to their full potential for increased carbon assimilation.
Passively cooled
Thermally-conductive aircraft grade aluminum
15,000 in2 (Heat-dissipating surface area)
Make a Friend
Out of Heat

Unlike obsolete plasma grow lights the F1V has no massive 'infrared spike' hidden on the far ends of its spectrum, meaning drastically less heat radiating down on your canopy.

Less AC Less AC

Without the IR spike cooking your upper canopy, you'll need far less cooling to compensate in order to keep your LSTs in an optimal range.

Less AC Even Warmth

A reduction in radiative heat and chilled air compensation makes for a much more even LST temperature throughout your upper to lower canopy.

Less AC More Bud Growth

An even canopy LST temperature promotes more RuBisCO reactions down your canopy, leading to more instra-canopy bud development.

Less AC More Cannabinoids

Cannabinoids are heat-sensitive. No more destructive IR spike means more cannabinoids make it to harvest.

Less AC More Terpenes

Terpenes are also heat-sensitive compounds and degrade at higher temperatures. Enjoy some of your best terp profiles ever with the F1V!

Less AC Higher Harvest Quality

More cannabinoids and better terpene profiles means you'll enjoy some of your best harvests yet with the F1V.

Made for Damp Environments

Every F1V is custom made to order, which means we build them to suit the specific parameters of your cultivation environment. The F1V 600W is typically suited for vegetative growth in vertical environments, while the F1V 1000W performs best in flowering vertical environments.
Ingress Protection Rating: IP65

Ingress Protection testing really puts our fixtures through the ringer : sandblasting, water spray, pressure washing, submersion, etc. Rest assured your F1V is well-protected from the hazards of your grow environment.

Solid intrusion protection

Impervious to small particulates 6/6

Liquid intrusion protection

Can withstand 1 meter submersion for 30 minutes 5/8
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Easily Integrate With Your Environment

Installation is simple and the learning curve with high-intensity LED is short. If you’ve never cultivated under high-intensity light levels, we have a long list of cultivation experts who have had success with our fixtures standing by to coach you and your team to incredible harvests.
Sunset, sunrise, and manual dimming
Network control for one-touch adjustments
Custom integration options available

Seeing Is Believing.

Other light brands boast about being the best. We won’t just tell you we’re the best.
We’ll prove it. Better yet, we’ll let our customers do the talking.
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