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The Pisces by FOHSE

900 Watt Home Garden LED Grow Light

The most affordable LED models from Fohse. The Pisces is a Fohse grow light stripped down to its bare necessities. Fohse has married affordability with the benefits of a balanced spectrum designed for a trusted long lasting LED fixture.

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Cut Costs, Not Power

This fixture series comes in 700W and 900W options offering potential photosynthetic photon flux (PPF) values of 2494 umol. At these light intensities, the Pisces provides the power needed to push any cannabis cultivar to its potential for yield and quality. It also serves other light-demanding crops such as peppers and tomatoes well.
PPF: up to 2,443 μmol/s.
PPE: 2.61 - 2,72 μmol/J (Options up to)
DLC 3rd party listing

Form Factor & Adaptability Advantages

The dimensions of the Pisces are 42” x 43.5” x 2”, making this fixture ideal for 5 x 5 footprints. This fixture is best utilized in 5 x 5 tents, vertical rack systems, or low-bay growing environments. When you need to move the grow, the Pisces folds in half, allowing for easy transportation and storage.
PPFD Chart

PPFD Chart

Trusted Technology Built To Last

The lifetime of each grow light is one of the most important factors when determining the right fixture for your grow space. Under HID systems, bulbs must be regularly changed. Lesser-quality LEDs also demand regular replacements as diodes burn out.

The Pisces is L90 certified at 40,000 hours or 4.6 years. This means that your Pisces will still retain 90% of the original luminous flux after this period of time. It also has an IP 65 rating, verifying its safety to operate in wet and humid environments. This rating ensures complete protection from dust, oil, and other non-corrosive materials. It also ensures protection from water projected by a nozzle against the fixture from any direction.
L90: 49,000 hours (Based on diode manufacturer specs)

Spectrum Matters

Light spectrum is an extremely important aspect of growing cannabis. Studies have shown that different parts of the light spectrum can alter plant morphology, yield, and potency. However, many fixed-spectrum lighting options aren’t ideal for growing cannabis from start to finish. When we designed the Pisces, we wanted growers to have a turnkey spectral setting to ensure success. This fixture can be used for both veg and flower, providing lighting needs during the entire cycle.

Optimized for Success

When we designed the Pisces, we wanted to create a user-friendly light that could work with other systems. This fixture features a universal socket, allowing for customized integration with third-party controllers.
Sunset, sunrise, and manual dimming
Network control for one-touch adjustments
Custom integration options available

Save the Terps!

Our aluminum-grade heat sinks dissipate heat efficiently, allowing the fixture itself to give off cooler temperatures. This prevents additional stress on your environmental controls and ultimately preserves the secondary metabolites we work hard to grow.
Passively cooled
Thermally-conductive aircraft grade aluminum
Make a Friend
Out of Heat

HID grow lights are damaging to your crop thanks to infrared radiation. While harm reduction methods do exist, you can eliminate it entirely by switching to high performance LED

Less AC Less AC

Without infrared light, you won’t need to blast air conditioning to keep your grow room at an optimal temperature.

Less AC More Growth

Heat will be distributed evenly throughout your canopy instead of beamed directly onto the leaf surface, promoting even growth throughout the plant.

Less AC More Cannabinoids

Cannabinoids fall off of plants exposed to extreme heat. Without infrared light cooking your plants, cannabinoid profiles will flourish!

Less AC More Terpenes

Terpenes are fragile, and will degrade under stressful conditions like high leaf surface temperature. Without high heat, your terpene profiles will flourish.

Focus on the right things

Many LEDs leave the diode exposed to increase light intensity, but in turn leave the diode exposed to the external environment. The Pisces features polycarbonate lensing technology, further distributing light into your plant canopy. This higher light intensity to lower flower sites typically results in greater yield and quality
Ingress Protection Rating: IP65

An Ingress Protection rating for an LED light is a more accurate representation of its protection from the environment than the same rating on an HPS system, because the rating does not account for all of the external components of HPS lights. Properly built LED lighting systems are self contained. With no additional parts, there are no weak points for hitchhiking bugs and bacteria to invade.

Solid intrusion protection

Impervious to small particulates 6/6

Liquid intrusion protection

Can withstand 1 meter submersion for 30 minutes 5/8

Seeing is Believing!

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