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Pisces by Fohse

900 Watt Home Garden LED Grow Light

The most affordable LED models from Fohse..

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All Guts, No Glamor

The Pisces is a Fohse grow light stripped down to its bare necessities. Fohse has married affordability with the benefits of full spectrum, long lasting LED.
PPF: up to 1,376 μmols/ft.
PPE: 2.73 μmol/J (Options up to)
DLC 3rd party listing

Big in Versatility, Small in Size

The Pisces is the first line of grow lights suited for all ranges of crops from the light sensitive to the light hungry. Its smaller size and low weight allow make installation a breeze.
PPFD Chart

PPFD Chart

Say Bye-Bye to Burnt Bulbs

With a high efficacy of 2.73 umol/J, the Pisces is guaranteed to run on less energy, and for a longer time.
L90: 49,000 hours (Based on diode manufacturer specs)

Full Spectrum, Full Control

The Pisces was designed with full spectrum output, tailor-made to help in the flowering stage. Its capability to communicate with most third part controllers makes it our most accessible grow light yet.

Small Size, Huge Potential

The low heat output of the Pisces grow light makes it perfect for growers looking to new reach heights with vertical lighting. When it comes to growing with vertical lights, the ceiling is the limit!
Passively cooled
Thermally-conductive aircraft grade aluminum
Make a Friend
Out of Heat

HID grow lights are damaging to your crop thanks to infrared radiation. While harm reduction methods do exist, you can eliminate it entirely by switching to high performance LED

Less AC Less AC

Without infrared light, you won’t need to blast air conditioning to keep your grow room at an optimal temperature.

Less AC More Growth

Heat will be distributed evenly throughout your canopy instead of beamed directly onto the leaf surface, promoting even growth throughout the plant.

Less AC More Cannabinoids

Cannabinoids fall off of plants exposed to extreme heat. Without infrared light cooking your plants, cannabinoid profiles will flourish!

Less AC More Terpenes

Terpenes are fragile, and will degrade under stressful conditions like high leaf surface temperature. Without high heat, your terpene profiles will flourish.

A Secure Investment

The growing environment is home to all sorts of unwanted pests and hitchhikers looking for a home. That’s why the Pisces comes with certified protection against dust, mites, moisture, aphids, spores and harmful bacteria. It’s even impervious to high pressure jets of water, so it can easily be cleaned!
Ingress Protection Rating: IP44

An Ingress Protection rating for an LED light is a more accurate representation of its protection from the environment than the same rating on an HPS system, because the rating does not account for all of the external components of HPS lights. Properly built LED lighting systems are self contained. With no additional parts, there are no weak points for hitchhiking bugs and bacteria to invade.

Solid intrusion protection

Impervious to small particulates 4/6

Liquid intrusion protection

Can withstand 1 meter submersion for 30 minutes 4/8

Welcome to the Fold

The Pisces’s innovative design is perfect for hobbyists and horticultural homebodies alike, featuring points of articulation that allow it to be folded and stored with ease.
Sunset, sunrise, and manual dimming
Network control for one-touch adjustments
Custom integration options available

Seeing Is Believing.

Other light brands boast about being the best. We won’t just tell you we’re the best.
We’ll prove it. Better yet, we’ll let our customers do the talking.
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